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150th Kick Off Luncheon

It's time to celebrate!

Author Nat B. Read

Author Nat B. Read

Kicking things off...

This year begins our 150th year, and what better way to Celebrate our Past than to have lunch with Nat B. Read, Author of Don Benito Wilson: From Mountain Man to Mayor.  

From his Biography
Nat B. Read earned a degree in history from Austin College and has written magazine and newspaper articles all of his adult life. He Spent three years researching Benjamin Davis Wilson's life, reading every scrap in the 50 boxes of the B.D. Wilson collection at the Huntington Library and virtually every English Language newspaper that Wilson would have read during his life in Southern California.


Here’s the plan:

Join us for lunch and an incredible presentation from Nat B. Read

It’s going to be a Fund-Raiser to support the events of “Celebrating Our Past + Igniting Our Future!” and I hope to get $20,000.00 for COMMUNICATIONS expenses.  Yes, communications are KEY to the year’s events.

Here’s how: 

Lunch will be catered by Harambee Ministries.  A wonderful ministry that we support through their amazing catering services! 

NO ONE goes hungry.  We will “comp” tickets for anyone!  I’m going to ask you to pay $30 for the meal which costs us $17 to provide (including the “comp” meals).  That’s a start to raising the money.     

AND…  I’m looking for AT LEAST FIVE “Celebrating Our Past + Igniting Our Future!” Backers to MATCH – say, dollar for dollar or maybe more/maybe less per dollar.  Assuming 145 meals with 120 meals @$30 and 25 “comp” meals, that makes a base of approximately $3,600 to be matched.  If five people match that, we have 6 x 3600 or near $20,000 after meal expenses are paid to Harambee!

"So, $30 for lunch?!" You say incredulously! 

YOU’RE NOT just buying lunch.  You’re blessing the first non-Mission church in the entire San Gabriel Valley with the funds to tell people about our “Celebrating Our Past + Igniting Our Future!”

So pay an extra $30 and invite a friend and get a match of hopefully FIVE times your lunch ticket to help us top our goal!


Tickets will be available after Church in the next few weeks or request information below

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