Regular Vestry Meeting Church of Our Saviour February 5, 2019

Attendees: Father Bob Honeychurch; Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden; Patrick Crandall Junior Warden English speaking community; Ivy Qi, Junior Warden Chinese speaking community; Kevin Vine; Patti Beith; Mark Goluskin (via telephone); Kit Shenk; Eric Miller; Cheryl Townsend; Paul Stewart; Rex Botengan; Kenneth Quan; Vera Hoalim

Absent: Wendy Dong

Staff: Will Dumain, Treasurer; Yuhadhi Sundaramoorthy, Parish Administrator; Jane Fall, Director of Our Saviour Center

Guest: Katherine Feng; Dennis Duling, Chairman of Search Committee

1. Call to Order at 6:30pm by Senior Warden Juli Kennedy
2. Devotion/Reflection: Lead by Juli Kennedy
3. Additions to the Agenda: None
4. Motion made by Eric Miller and seconded by Cheryl Townsend to approve the January 8, 2019

Vestry meeting minutes as presented – motion passed

5. Finance Committee New Member Nomination – Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Eric Miller to appoint Chris Case to the Finance Committee – motion passed

6. Rector’s Report:
a. Father Bob provided the Vestry with an attendance report (see attached report)
b. Nominating Committee report

i. Still forming the committee which includes Juli Kennedy, Eric Miller and Cheryl Townsend who are finishing their terms on the Vestry
ii. Eric Miller will be standing for a full term as he is completing another members term
iii. Juli Kennedy term will be extended another year and she will remain as Senior Warden

c. Three Vestry members will be selected from the congregation and be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting in March 2019.

7. Senior Warden Report:
a. Thanked the Vestry members and Search Committee members for attendance at the joint meeting on the Search for a new Rector with Joanna Satorius
b. The Vestry will provide the main course at the Annual Meeting March 10, 2019 and the congregation will be asked to bring side dishes
c. Holy Week will be joint services with St. Edmunds Church – St. Edmunds will host Maundy Thursday services and COS will host Easter Vigil on Saturday

8. Junior Wardens Reports:
a. Patrick Crandall – no report
b. Ivy Qi – no report

9. Liaison Reports (see attached reports)
a. All reports will be tabled due to budget discussion
b. The Search Committee – have decided on the Zoom Tech Format to contact the candidates during the search process

10. Motion made by Rex Botengan and seconded by Patrick Crandall to invite Yuhadhi Sundaramoorthy, Jane Fall and Dennis Duling to attend the Executive Session of the Vestry – motion passed

11. Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Rex Botengan to go into Executive Session – motion passed

12. Executive Session called to order at 7:00pm and ended at 8:49pm

13. Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Kit Shenk to accept the Finance Committee’s January 31, 2019 recommendation for the 2019 COS budget as presented tonight.

14. Motion made by Patrick Crandall and seconded by Rex Botengan to amend the motion on the floor regarding the 2019 COS Budget to add an additional $37,000 to the 2019 OSC budget from the Keck/Cleaver Endowment for fund raising activities and hiring a full-time administrative assistant – motion passed

15. Motion to accept the 2019 Budget as presented with the amendment to add $37,000 to the 2019 OSC budget – motion passed

16. Motion made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Eric Miller asking the Endowment Committee and Finance Committee to develop a 5 year plan for all COS entities and submit to the Vestry by July

7, 2019 Vestry meeting and submit a progress report to the Vestry by the April 2, 2019 meeting - motion passed

17. Old Business: None

18. New Business: None

19. Guest Comments: None

20. Meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm by the Senior Warden following prayer.

Respectfully submitted by

Patricia Beith, Vestry Clerk