Our Youth and Chinese acolytes program are an essential ministry, and one that imbues our worship with beauty, solemnity, and pageantry. Our Youth and Chinese acolytes support both clergy and laity, ensuring that the behind-the-scenes tasks and logistics of worship flow smoothly.

Youth acolytes are more likely to feel a connection to adults serving in other worship-related ministries: clergy, altar guild members, greeters, ushers, lectors, lay Eucharistic ministers, and choir members.

Chinese speaking acolytes broaden their understanding of the Episcopal liturgy and our unique flow of worship.

Most importantly, our acolytes, whether they are 9 or 39 years old, English, Mandarin or Cantonese speaking, are leaders in our communities, worthy of appreciation and respect. Next time you see an acolyte, make sure to compliment them and thank them for their ministry!

If you are interested in becoming an acolyte please contact our volunteer Acolyte Coordinator, Chris Case, at