Chinese Ministry & Li Tim-Oi Center

Chinese Ministry

In 2018, the Mandarin ministry continued seventeen different programs from the previous year: Adult Sunday Formation classes, Baptism and Confirmation Preparation Classes, Bible Study, Children Sunday programs, Chinese Choir, Dancing class, English Class, Group Activities, Newcomer Welcome, Outreach and Evangelism, Pastoral Visitation, Planning and Prayer Meeting, Special Prayers after Sunday Service, Sunday Lunch, Young Family Fellowship and Middle Age People Fellowship. We developed one new ministry: Health and Bible Reading Fellowship. In 2018, five Chinese members received their baptisms and four received Confirmation. The number of pledge unit of the Chinese members increased. The Chinese members participated in San Gabriel City’s July 4th Parade, hold Thanksgiving Party, Christmas Eve party, and Chinese New Year celebration at church and other activities outside church. We also conducted two training sections for Sunday service teams including EM, Acolyte, Lector as well as Usher.

Li Tim-Oi Center

In 2018, Li Tim-Oi Center translated 9 Iona courses of the South-West Seminary, made Chinese subtitles to 4 DVDs of Safe Guarding God’s People. The Center conducted two half-year Chinese Lay Leadership Training courses, the seventh and eighth ones, namely, The Biblical Study II: The Geographic, Political, Economics, and Cultural Background of the Bible and Christian Worship respectively. We had eleven students for the seventh course and seventeen students for the eighth course.