Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is most definitely alive and well! We have had a successful program year so far, the Our Saviour Choir has been busy singing weekly services, plus Evensongs and concerts. The membership of the choir has grown this past season, a new soprano and a new baritone joined us as volunteers

Not having an Associate Organist has been challenging at times this year, but, we have found a balance of doing music with organ or piano or without accompaniment. And, my colleagues, Alice Rucker and Thompson Howell, have been assisting at various points this year. I will continue to use Assistant Organists as needed for accompanying the choir in challenging anthems.

The “Music for a Season”, Series, the 11th year, has been well received, and the financial support has been wonderful from the membership and friends of this parish. The Duruflé Requiem in November was a moving experience for all in attendance. Christmas and Epiphany services were indeed times of worship and celebration, with music.

My vision for this year? It’s the same as many years…the most important issue is that we have a musical experience that enriches our worship, which brings glory to our God, and is vibrant.

The “space” in which we worship must be addressed. You have heard me talk at length about the need for good reflective surface, so that our music is heard and we hear ourselves. The choir is always challenged to this regard. We now have risers, so that we can hear each other, but, when carpet, which is the most deadening surface is the most prevalent material in our singing space (nave, choir and sanctuary), we constantly fight to hear each other and for you as a congregation to hear each other. Why do we often go to the Baptistery or the crossing and sing? Because we can hear each other, we can blend, we can communicate music. I want us as a congregation to have that experience of joyful singing, of exuberant praise, of lifting our collective voices to God in praise.

God is our audience, we as choir and clergy are prompters and we all are in the “business” of WORSHIP.

Blessings to us all, as we find our way through this process this year. We worship in God’s sanctuary, not God’s “living room”. Let us make a JOYFUL NOISE to our God!