Pastoral Care

The goal of our Pastoral Care ministry is to provide excellent attention to the individual needs of parishioners who experience health care or other crisis concerns, either on an emergency basis or on a long-term basis. These concerns may include the death of a parishioner or a loved one, hospitalization, convalescent or hospice care, institutionalization in retirement or long-term care facilities, mental health issues, addiction, or other traumatic realities in our individual lives.

With the assistance of Chris Case and now Hannah Riley, we maintain short-term, long-term, and permanent long-term prayer lists. Some of our parishioners pray these lists by name on a regular basis, and we pray for all by name at our Healing Eucharist on Wednesday. We pray for our short-term list by name in our corporate worship each Sunday. We appreciate the help of parishioners in keeping these lists current, which is a weekly challenge. We have seen prayer work miracles in the lives of many.

We are making steady progress in tending to the needs of our Parish in these regards. We need the help of everyone to alert us to concerns as they arise. We seek to be a loving community of awareness and mutual support. Our Pastoral Care team includes all of our Clergy and Staff members and several lay volunteers.

We deliver poinsettias and lilies at the appropriate season to the homebound or institutionalized and to those who have lost a spouse or other family member during the year. Our Staff and lay volunteers will be distributing about 25 Easter lilies during Holy Week. We maintain contact with those who either temporarily or permanently have to miss worship services because of their infirmities. We visit and take the Eucharist to folks in their homes or hospitals.

I also am responsible for the memorial services for non-church members who choose our Church because of our proximity to San Gabriel Cemetery. And I am frequently the lead pastor in preparations for our members and their families at time of death.

Pastoral Care is a wonderful ministry and is largely for my benefit and blessing, and I am grateful to the Church for this opportunity.