Report from the Jr. Warden

It is my honor to be a vestry member, and especially as a Junior Warden. This past year I experienced a very unusual journey: First, I partnered with our new interim rector who is very intelligent and proactive; followed by a series of comprehensive preparation work for the new rector search. Furthermore, I was a member of the stewardship committee, and I also attended multiple meetings regarding the budget shortage for 2019. Through all of these conferences, I have witnessed many ordinary people offer their time, resources, and talents to serve COS which I have never had the chance to notice before. It is painful to see our staff and budget being cut, but we still tried our best to increase the budget for the special education Sunday school program for special needs children from the Mandarin community. This program is unavailable in most other churches, but it is part of our outreach. We believe it will show God’s love towards these parents and their children—they are all welcome. Because of COS’s reception towards all cultures and ethnicities, I became one of you.
Lastly, I want to appeal to every member of COS to support the vestry with your continuing prayers.