SAGEs (55+)

Linda Goluskin
Bev and Jerry Harris

 The 55+ program has been very active in this 2018-19 year. We have continued with our monthly lunch meetings with speakers including: Rev. Nancy Shier speaking about thankfulness, Christmas carols with Paul and Gloria Killian, what’s new at The Huntington Library and the history of The Church of Our Saviour by Ed Andersen. These gatherings are a wonderful way to break bread  together, develop deeper relationships and foster lifelong learning.

In an effort to keep connected with those who have been ill, had a death in their family or have been suffering with a lengthy illness, we initiated a “card ministry” this past year. The simple act of receiving a get well or card of support, can help parishioners feel that they are still a part of our church family and are cared for and loved.  

In the Fall of 2018, we sent a survey out to those parishioners who were 55+ years of age. The idea was to collect information about what they would like to have as programs, speakers and activities, as well as new ideas for the group as a whole. We were extremely pleased with the number of surveys completed and returned to us, as well as members who wished to be part of a steering committee of sorts. This steering committee will help the chair of the committee implement new programs that were indicated by the group. We held our first planning meeting, and will be scheduling a follow-up meeting in March.