Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing program enjoyed a very successful year both financially and spiritually in 2017.

The growth in our program offerings for fellowship and spiritual maturity, which is the foundation of a wholesome 12-Step approach to recovery, showed a marked increase in 2018. We employed a part-time Director of Recovery Services in Dale Stanhope beginning in November. He will help our residents with individual goal-setting. We offer a Big Book Comes Alive weekend seminar in May of each year. The contribution of our Resident Managers to the welfare of our 50 Residents at our four homes cannot be overstated. They give individualized care to their flock, a few of whom stray from the fold while most enter gladly the life of full recovery from their prior addictions. The participation of our Advisory Board and other members of our Parish in our fellowship activities (our dinners, Dodger games, Super Bowl party, Christmas party, Founders’ Day picnic, and Barbecue) gives an added boost to our provision of caring.

Our fundraising for the year brought in just over $83,000, a record amount. Our rent collection totaled almost $196,000, $4,625 above our goal. About a third of the donated amount came from the generosity of our COS Our two major donors of $20,000 and $5,000 respectively are non-COS members who have been long-term supporters my ministries for at least 25 years. Our four sober living homes will be fully paid for in May of this year, freeing up about $8,500 in monthly expenditures for mortgages. And in 2020 we will receive a gift from the trust established by Verna and Pat Rooney in the amount of $250,000. So our financial future is bright.

We instituted and/or promoted during 2018 programs which reflect our care for our Residents: a weekly meeting entitled “Design for Living,” a bi-weekly meeting of a “Financial Responsibility Class,” meetings of a “Center for Council” program that reaches out to our Residents with a small group sharing opportunity, Welcome Baskets for new Residents in memory of Jeremy Moss, a scholarship loan program for new Residents in memory of Bill Morgan, and a Prayer Program for parishioners and others to support our Residents by first name in weekly prayer.

I thank my Advisory Board, the Vestry and the Parish as we enter our 17th year of ministry at the Church of Our Saviour.