Regular Vestry Meeting Church of Our Saviour April 2, 2019

Regular Vestry Meeting

Church of Our Saviour

April 2, 2019

Attendees: Father Bob Honeychurch; Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden; Patrick Crandall, Junior Warden English speaking community; Patti Beith; Paul Stewart; Rex Botengan; Mark Goluskin; Ed Andersen; Lisa Hsu; Eric Miller; Kit Shenk

Absent: Wendy Dong, Eric Miller, Kevin Vine, Vera Hoalim, Lucy Thompson

Staff: Will Dumain, Treasurer; Father Thomas Ni, Chinese Ministry; Dennis Gibbs, Spiritual Formation; Jane Fall, Director OSC

Guest: Katherine Feng, Linda Goluskin

1. Call to order at 6:30pm by Senior Warden Juli Kennedy

2. Devotion lead by Dennis Gibbs

3. Additions to the Agenda:

a. Active shooter protocol

b. Streamlining the bulletin

c. Election of a new vestry member

4. Motion made by Mark Goluskin and seconded by Kit Shenk to approve the March 5, 2019 Vestry meeting minutes as presented- motion passed

5. Motion made by Mark Golluskin and seconded by Paul Stewart to approve the March 10, 2019 COS Annual Meeting minutes as presented – motion passed (one abstention)

6. Election of new Vestry member

a. Ivy Qi resigned as a Vestry member

b. Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden, recommended the Vestry appoint Jessica Jin to fill Ivy’s remaining two year term on Vestry

c. Motion made by Rex Botengan and seconded by Patrick Crandall to appoint Jessica Jin to complete the Vestry term of Ivy Qi – motion passed

7. Cleaver Family Wellness Clinic Update – Jane Fall

a. Progress is being made to diverse OSC of the Cleaver Wellness Clinic

b. The clinic will be bought by a “buyer” who will continue to serve the OSC patients in the OSC space with the same physician at no change for the patients

c. OSC goal is to be transparent as possible to patients and staff

d. Once the transaction is completed the OSC space will be rented out to the “buyer”

e. The Diocese has been notified of the pending diversion of the clinic

f. There are 4 interested “buyers” and hopefully the transfer will occur in July/August 2019

g. Thanks to Patrick Crandall all the legal fees are pro bono

h. There will probably be a clinic name change and the Cleaver Family representative will be notified

i. Someone from OSC will be on the “buyer’s” Board of Directors

8. Appointment of Vestry Officers

a. Motion made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Patti Beith to appoint Patrick Crandall as the People’s Warden (Junior Warden for English Speaking Parish) – motion passed

b. Motion made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Patti Beith to appoint Wendy Dong as Junior Warden for the Chinese Ministry (it is customary for this Vestry Board to appoint two junior wardens to represent the diverse congregation) – motion passed

c. Motion made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Patrick Crandall to appoint Will Dumain as COS Treasurer – motion passed

d. Motion made by Rex Botengan and seconded by Juli Kennedy to appoint Patti Beith as Vestry Clerk – motion passed

e. The appointment of the Chancellor is deferred as there is needed – Paul Kassabian has agreed to assist as needed

9. Appointment of Parish Committees

a. Finance Committee is appointed by the Rector (see attached list of members)

i. Motion made by Ed Andersen and seconded by Eric Miller to concur with the Rector’s appointment committee members – motion passed

b. Property Committee is appointed by the Rector (see attached list of members)

i. Motion made by Rex Botengan and seconded by Patti Beith to concur with the Rector’s appointment committee members – motion passed (one abstention)

10. Rector’s Report

a. Thank you all the new Vestry members and their willingness to serve on the board

b. Attendance report (see attached report) – Taylor’s departure has affected attendance

c. Vestry Retreat is Friday, April 26, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday, April 27, 2019 8am to 5pm at the Monastery

d. Holy Week will begin shortly with a rich and full program

11. Senior Warden’s Report

a. Juli developed a list of volunteering opportunities within the Parish and has published it in the Messenger

12. Junior Wardens’ Report

a. Patrick Crandall advised that

i. The repairs at the Rectory are making process

ii. Preservation Fund is moving forward

iii. The Five Year Financial Plan is still in the early stages but moving forward

13. Search Committee Report – Eric Miller and Kit Shenk

a. The committee met with Joanna Satorius regarding the Rector’s search on Sunday, and were given a good list of interested candidates for the COS Rector – a diverse list of individuals from all over the USA

b. The committee will be contacting all individuals to insure they are still interested in the position

c. Dennis Dulling is providing excellent leadership as chairman

14. Ministry Liaison Reports

a. Juli Kennedy reported that 37 parish members are praying for parish members during the Lent Season

b. Juli gave a brief summary of the Vestry Liaison Reporting responsibilities

c. See attached Liaison Reports from the Patrick Crandall on the Expanding Parishioner Involvement in Outreach and Service and Juli Kennedy on Increasing participation in Adult Formation

15. Finance Committee – Will Dumain

a. Committee reports to the Vestry quarterly

b. OSC provides reports on three programs quarterly

c. Thank you to all who worked on the Budget Forum – very successful presentation

16. Old Business

a. Juli reported that the Peg’s Tree will be replanted once the soil has aired

b. Annual Meeting Debrief

i. Small attendance by the congregation

ii. One suggestions is to have only one service next year instead of two on the Sunday of the Annual Meeting

iii. A letter has been received from a member of the congregation thanking the Vestry for a “less painful meeting”

iv. The separation of budget discussion from the Annual Meeting was well like by the congregation

c. Photo Directory is moving forward – Kenneth Quan has been contacted and will work with Hannah to get the directory out

d. Active Shooter Policy has been discussed by staff especially ACGS teachers and parents but there is no policy to date; some school individuals have had some training; a committee is being formed to address security issues which falls under Property Committee; Mark Goluskin would like to have a interim active shooter protocol until the final protocol is instituted

e. Mark would like to streamline the bulletin especially the liturgy portion – he will work with Father Bob and Phil Smith on some ideas

17. New Business - none

18. Guest Comments – none

19. Homework – please look at the Retreat Materials when they arrived so you are prepared for the retreat

20. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm following prayer

Respectfully submitted by

Patricia Beith

Vestry Clerk