Minutes of the Annual Meeting March 10th, 2019

The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Religious and Non-Profit Corporation of the State of California known as The Rector, Wardens, and Vestry, of The Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel, California, was held on Sunday, March 10, 2019 in Cleaver Hall, The Church of Our Saviour, 535 Roses Road, San Gabriel, California, pursuant to the call of the Clerk, notice of the meeting having been given in accordance with the Bylaws. The meeting was presided over by Rev. Bob Honeychurch, Interim Rector. Patricia Beith, Vestry Clerk, was appointed to record the minutes.

1. Call to Order

Rev. Bob Honeychurch, Interim Rector, announced the quorum requirement had been met and called the 152th meeting of the Church of Our Saviour to order at 12:17 pm

2. Announcements

a. All reports given today at the meeting are available on the COS website for review

3. March 18, 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes were approved by the Vestry

4. Rector’s Address (see report on website)

a. Often the congregation doesn’t have a full picture of what the church’s responsibilities – the church issues salary checks to almost a 100 employees including the teachers at ACGS, Transitional Housing, COS staff, Our Saviour Center staff and cemetery staff – all the COS programs are supported by many volunteers including members of COS – it takes a village to keep a community of faith functioning

b. Changes have occurred and more changes to come but things are more or less the same

c. Father Bob thanked the congregation for inviting him to serve at COS

5. Senior Warden’s Report: (see report on website)

a. Thank you to everyone who participation in preparing the Parish Profile – it is our story as to who we are and what we want to be

b. In December 2018 a Search Committee was formed to select the next Rector – it is hoped that a new Rector will be named in the Fall 2019

c. Highlights of the 2018 are

1. Sunday School Choir

2. Dennis Duling and his Pledge Committee’s brunch

3. The congregation participation in decorating the Church for Christmas

4. The members of COS who went to the Women’s Prison to sing

5. The Mandarin Congregation’s Chinese New Year celebration

6. The Lent season congregational prayer program to pray for all COS members

7. The Vestry’s decision to refocus liaison reports based on the Strategic Plan initiatives

8. Small book groups

d. The Vestry made some very hard decisions for the 2019 Budget – the Vestry recommended made several cuts to stay within budget and decrease the draw from the Endowment Fund – a committee is being formed to develop a 5 year spending plan for COS – this will give us a chance to reimage ourselves and God’s plan for COS (see Senior Warden’s report to the congregation regarding the budget)

6. Search Committee Report

a. Dennis Duling and his committee of Kit Shenk, Eric Miller, Sharon Crandall, Katherine Feng, and Kari Stewart have met several times to get to know each other and to develop a prayerful, mindful journey towards identifying the 3 names to the Vestry in the selection process of the new Rector

7. Vestry Elections

a. Juli Kennedy thanked the retiring Vestry members for their service – Cheryl Townsend, Kenneth Quan and Lee Benuska. Each received a thank you gift and prayer shawls – Juli thanked Kenneth for the formation of the table tennis program and his willingness to take photos as needed

b. John Ballance introduced the Nomination Committee’s slate of candidates for the Vestry of Ed Andersen, Lisa Hsu, Eric Miller and Lucy Thompson –After a call for nominations from the floor and when no nominations from the floor a motion was made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Cheryl Townsend to approve the Nominating Committee Vestry list of candidates. A voice approval passed. Juli Kennedy was appointed for another year on the Vestry by Father Bob Honeychurch.

8. Rev Honeychurch appointed Juli Kennedy as Senior Warden for 2019-2020 Vestry.

9. Building Fund Kick Off – Patrick Crandall (see report on website)

a. The Vestry proposes the reestablishment of a building fund for repair of several needed repairs on the COS campus including entrance gates, painting of the church entrance, various repairs of the stucco on the church’s outside walls, areas within the A Child Garden School grounds, the Rectory gazebo and outside walls of house.

b. A study has been performed to identify all the areas needing repair

c. A restricted COS Building and Grounds Preservation Fund has been established –the Vestry will approve all expenditures of this fund. A campaign for funds within the congregation will start soon.

10. Treasurer’s Report – (see reports on website)

a. Will Dumain reported that the COS and OSC are the two budget areas most difficult to manage due to operating costs

b. Will and the Finance Committee will provide a summary of the 2019 budget to those who attend the March 24, 2019 forum which will be centered on the 2019 budget and encouraged all those interested in the details of the budget to attend

11. Other Business: none

12. Following prayer lead by Father Thomas Ni the meeting adjourned at 1:14pm

Respectively submitted by

Patricia A. Beith

Vestry Clerk