Regular Vestry Meeting Church of Our Saviour March 5, 2019

Attendees: Father Bob Honeychurch; Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden; Patrick Crandall Junior, Warden English speaking community; Ivy Qi,; Kevin Vine; Patti Beith; Cheryl Townsend; Paul Stewart; Rex Botengan; Vera Hoalim

Absent: Wendy Dong, Eric Miller, Kenneth Quan, Mark Goluskin, Kit Shenk

Staff: Will Dumain, Treasurer; Yuhadhi Sundaramoorthy, Parish Administrator; Father Thomas Ni, Chinese Ministry

Guest: Katherine Feng

1. Call to order at 7:06pm by Senior Warden Juli Kennedy

2. Additions to the Agenda: none

3. Motion made by Rex Botengan and seconded by Cheryl Townsend to approve the February 5, 2019 Vestry meeting minutes as presented- motion passed

4. Motion made by Patrick Crandall and seconded by Rex Botengan to approve the March 18, 2018 COS Annual Meeting minutes as presented – motion passed

5. Rector’s Report

a. Attendance Report presented – see attached report

b. Holy Week services will be joint services with St. Edmonds – Maundy Thursday will be held at St. Edmonds Church and Saturday night’s Easter Vigil will be at COS – this is a good step forward in more joint services within other parishes in the community.

6. Senior Warden’s Report

a. Annual Meeting

i. There will be an overview of the COS 2019 budget presented at the meeting and a more focus budget review will be presented at the March 23, 2019 forum for those interested in the details of the budget

ii. The main dishes for the Annual Meeting will be provided by the Vestry and desserts/salads by the congregation

iii. Yuhadhi will send out the Annual Meeting Packet tonight

iv. Search Committee will provide an update report at the meeting

b. Gabe Vazquez-Reyes IONA Program Status – Gabe is no longer a member of the IONA program, and is looking at options to complete his Bachelor’s Degree before enrolling in a Master’s in Divinity program

c. Juli encouraged more Vestry members to attend COS functions including funerals

7. Junior Wardens’ Report

a. The “Peg” tree has been removed and a new one will be planted shortly

8. Liaison Reports

a. Family Programs – Paul Stewart reported that some brainstorming session has been done by the interested members of the parish to strengthen the COS children’s program; children’s bags will be available for distribution during Sunday services; pew cards have been prepared stating children are welcome during Sunday services with advice to parents on handling children during the service and suggestions to other worshippers on managing their worship with children present.; Interim leader for Children’s Program is Jessica from the Mandarin community who will lead the music; an observation that the acolytes should attend the Sunday services when not performing their acolyte duties

b. Other liaison reports will be given at next Vestry meeting

9. Search Committee Report

a. A list of candidates is expected by the end of March 2019

b. Dennis Duling, Chairman of Search Committee, has provided a report to the congregation on the current status of the committee

10. Motion made by Cheryl Townsend and seconded by Patrick Crandall requesting the Vestry authorizes the Search Committee to draw of up to $25,000 from the Keck/Cleaver Endowment Fund to engage in the task of interviewing Rector candidates. The funds will be used for electronic communication equipment and software, travel, and other Rector Search related expenses – motion passed

11. Old Business – none

12. New Business

a. Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Vera Hoalim to approve the Parochial Report for 2018 as amended – motion passed as amended

b. The Vestry Retreat is April 26 & 27, 2019 at the Monastery (Friday, April 26 6-9pm and April 27 8am to 5pm)

c. Juli thanked Cheryl Townsend for her service on the Vestry for the past three years, Cheryl responded that is was her honor and pleasure to serve

13. Guest Comments – none

14. Meeting was adjourned at 8:01pm following prayer

Respectfully submitted by Patricia Beith Vestry Clerk