Regular Vestry Meeting Church of Our Saviour June 4th, 2019

Regular Vestry Meeting

Church of Our Saviour

June 4, 2019

Attendees: Father Bob Honeychurch; Juli Kennedy, Senior Warden; Patrick Crandall, Junior Warden; Wendy Dong, Junior Warden for Chinese congregation; Patti Beith; Paul Stewart; Rex Botengan; Mark Goluskin; Ed Andersen; Lisa Hsu; Kit Shenk; Lucy Thompson

Absent: Eric Miller; Vera Hoalim; Jessica Jin; Kevin Vine

Staff: Will Dumain, Treasurer; Yuhadhi Sundaramoorthy, Church Administrator; Father Thomas Ni, Chinese Ministry; Jane Fall, Director OSC

Guests: Katherine Feng, Linda Goluskin

1. Call to order at 6:35pm by Senior Warden Juli Kennedy

2. Devotion lead by Father Bob

3. Additions to the Agenda: none

4. Motion made by Mark Goluskin and seconded by Kit Shenk to approve the May 7, 2019 Vestry meeting minutes as presented- motion passed

5. Kit Shenk reported that the Search Committee is near the end of their work and will arrange to meet with the Vestry when they have the three names.

6. Our Saviour Center Cleaver Clinic Update (see attached report) – Jane Fall

a. Clinic sale is moving forward

b. In the next two weeks four candidates interested in purchasing the Cleaver Family Clinic will make presentations to the committee. Following the presentations the committee will make a decision as to who will purchase the clinic. The hope of OSC and the committee is to have everything settled by the end of September. OSC projecting presenting to the Vestry in July with the decision.

c. Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Patrick Crandall to extend the Cleaver Family Clinic Budget for an additional three months – motion passed unanimously

7. Rector’s Report

a. Attendance report (see attached report)

b. Transition Planning

I. Father Bob will be off the payroll as of July 1, 2019 but will remain on unpaid leave to have a Rector available for business purposes. Motion made by Patti Beith and seconded by Mark Goluskin for Father Bob Honeychurch to be removed from the payroll roster but remain as Interim Rector on unpaid leave for business purposes - motion passed unanimously

II. Pastoral coverage after Father Bob’s departure will require Marilyn Omernick to increase her time for parish business including staff meetings and other needs of the congregation – this will not make any changes in the budget.

III. Father Bob had a service schedule for July, August and early September using current staff members of COS

IV. COS has received a request for Field Education from the Diocese of Minnesota.

Columba Maymus, a Minnesota Monk, is requesting COS with Father Thomas Ni as

mentor, to complete his discernment through the Community of Divine Love, from

September 2019 through May 2020 to include working within the parish and preaching.

Motion made by Juli Kennedy and seconded by Patrick Crandall to accept Columba

Maymus of the Minnesota Diocese as a Field Education Student at Church of Our

Saviour with Father Thomas Ni and the Community of Divine Love as mentors – motion


8. Senior Warden’s Report

a. Will organize a Prayer List for the parish members similar to the Easter Prayer for the period

between Father Bob’s departure and the arrival of the new Rector

b. The parish volunteer opportunities list isn’t quite finish to date

c. The Church BBQ hasn’t received many RSVPs to date

9. Junior Wardens’ Report

a. Wendy Dong advised

I. 38 members of the Chinese congregation have RSVP to the Church BBQ

II. Father Thomas and Katherine have translated the “Safety of God’s People” into Chinese

for use at COS and the Diocese

III. Gabe Vazquez-Reyes, Youth and Family Minister met with the Sunday School parents

b. Patrick Crandall advised

I. The Church Preservation Fund is not quite ready to launch to date

II. Rectory Renovation – the major work is completed. Thanks to Will Dumain for his work

on the project

10. Ministry Liaison Reports

a. Initiative # 4 – no report by Kevin

b. Initiative # 5 – Juli Kennedy reported there is no point person for hospitality/welcoming of new

members – see attached report

c. Initiative # 6 – given by Ed Andersen – see attached report

11. Old Business –

a. Phil Smith’s Retirement Party will be a Taco Truck menu – motion made by Patti Beith and

seconded by Mark Goluskin to authorize up to $ 1500.00 for the Taco Truck and will use

donation to reimburse the Church the $1500.00

b. Motion made by Ed Andersen and seconded by Rex Botengan to authorize a purse for Phil Smith

12. New Business –

a. Juli Kennedy asked that the Vestry pray for Bill and Dinah Roberts as Bill is very ill and Jessica

Jin who is also under the weather.

13. Guest Comments – none

14. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm following prayer

Respectfully submitted by

Patricia Beith

Vestry Clerk