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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is most definitely alive and well! We have had a successful program year so far, the Our Saviour Choir has been busy singing weekly services, plus Evensongs and concerts. The membership of the choir has grown this past season, a new soprano and a new baritone joined us as volunteers

Not having an Associate Organist has been challenging at times this year, but, we have found a balance of doing music with organ or piano or without accompaniment. And, my colleagues, Alice Rucker and Thompson Howell, have been assisting at various points this year. I will continue to use Assistant Organists as needed for accompanying the choir in challenging anthems.

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Hand Bells

In the Fall of 2016 we renewed the hand bell program that had been dormant for some years. The playing of hand bells has been a wonderful source of musical experiences for the members, and for what they are able to add to the services of worship. They contribute, peals, preludes, special enhancements on hymns and psalms , and accompaniments conceived by composers for their anthems.

The choir began with four stalwart members; Debbie Anderson, Sara Dooley, Kim Sirean, and Patti Teele. By any standard, a full choir would be eight players for the three octaves of bells the church owns. We have reached out to the youth, the Mandarin congregation, and have conducted workshops. Midway, Kathy Macauley joined, and recently Jenine Baines and Phyllis Scorcia have also joined. So there are seven members currently.

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Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing program enjoyed a very successful year both financially and spiritually in 2017.

The growth in our program offerings for fellowship and spiritual maturity, which is the foundation of a wholesome 12-Step approach to recovery, showed a marked increase in 2018. We employed a part-time Director of Recovery Services in Dale Stanhope beginning in November. He will help our residents with individual goal-setting. We offer a Big Book Comes Alive weekend seminar in May of each year. The contribution of our Resident Managers to the welfare of our 50 Residents at our four homes cannot be overstated.

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Pastoral Care

The goal of our Pastoral Care ministry is to provide excellent attention to the individual needs of parishioners who experience health care or other crisis concerns, either on an emergency basis or on a long-term basis. These concerns may include the death of a parishioner or a loved one, hospitalization, convalescent or hospice care, institutionalization in retirement or long-term care facilities, mental health issues, addiction, or other traumatic realities in our individual lives.

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Adult Formation


Journey in Joy Women’s Bible study meets on Friday mornings throughout the program year. We have studied the Corinthian Letters and are now studying Matthew.

Education for Ministry (EFM) also meets during the program year. EFM is a four year program of theological education based on small groups. The goal is to help the participants encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition.

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Spiritual Formation

The Sacred Journey

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm – Monastery Retreat House Library

This popular group experience explores important questions about spirituality, religion, theology and the relevance of being a Christian in today’s modern world. This program draws from COS parishioners as well as those from the surrounding area. Beginning with this program year Rev. Bob Honeychurch and myself decided to experiment with holding these groups at the monastery in an effort to foster the relationship between COS and the Community of Divine Love monastery.

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Our Youth and Chinese acolytes program are an essential ministry, and one that imbues our worship with beauty, solemnity, and pageantry. Our Youth and Chinese acolytes support both clergy and laity, ensuring that the behind-the-scenes tasks and logistics of worship flow smoothly.

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A Child's Garden School

A Child’s Garden School continues to provide a child centered developmentally appropriate program for the children in our community. Our current enrollment is 108. We are already full and on wait list status for all classrooms for fall of this year.

We have the ACGS advisory board which works hard on fundraising to help us to continue to -provide extras not covered by tuition. This school year we were able to purchase and have surveillance cameras and a monitor installed. We found that this added layer of security helps parents feel more at ease leaving their children under our care.

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Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a unique four-year distance learning certificate program offered by the Beecken Center of The School of Theology at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee in theological education based upon small-group study and practice. Since its founding in 1975, this international program has assisted more than 80,000 participants in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service.

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Chinese Ministry & Li Tim-Oi Center

In 2018, the Mandarin ministry continued seventeen different programs from the previous year: Adult Sunday Formation classes, Baptism and Confirmation Preparation Classes, Bible Study, Children Sunday programs, Chinese Choir, Dancing class, English Class, Group Activities, Newcomer Welcome, Outreach and Evangelism, Pastoral Visitation, Planning and Prayer Meeting, Special Prayers after Sunday Service, Sunday Lunch, Young Family Fellowship and Middle Age People Fellowship. We developed one new ministry: Health and Bible Reading Fellowship.

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Interim Rector’s Report to the Congregation

As I write this report, I have just crossed the one-year mark as your Interim Rector. In many ways, February 12, 2018 seems like a very long time ago now, as so much has happened in the life of this congregation since I first started sharing this part of the journey with you. For instance, since I came just over a year ago now, we have done 11 baptisms, 6 confirmations, 5 weddings, and 29 funerals here at the church. But those statistics don’t fully indicate the stories of the people who are represented by those numbers. Each one of those baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals means that our life as a community has been changed, and we are a different people than we were a year ago at this time. In the meantime, new people have joined our numbers and others have left this community.

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