The Church of Our Saviour

The Legacy Fund

Your deep commitment and strong support of The Church of Our Saviour throughout the years have enabled us to foster an environment where the mission and ministry of our Church continue to be lived each and every day.

Today’s gifts are important because they enable us to grow in our faith and reach out to others.

But tomorrow’s gifts are equally important because they allow for the future ministry of our church.

Through God’s grace and your generosity, The Church of Our Saviour will be in a strong position to bring the message of hope in Jesus Christ to the people of the San Gabriel Valley well into the 21st century

Safe Principal

In order to receive Tomorrow's Gifts we have established a permanent Legacy Fund. The Church of Our Saviour Legacy Fund (Fund) is a permanent fund that treats original contributions by donors with restrictions that the original amounts cannot be spent [Safe Principal]. These assets are composed of three parts: (1) Historic dollar value, which includes the original amount of gifts and subsequent donations to the Fund; (2) Net appreciation – including gains and losses accumulated since the Fund was created; (3) Income, including interest, dividends, rents, and royalties earned.

Why pre-plan?

For more information or for an appointment please contact our representative:

Ben Harrington

626 254 1503


Advance planning gives your family peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled. The most important reason for making funeral arrangements in advance is to spare your family undue responsibility and stress.

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