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Weekly Prayer List

Our Prayer List is edited by the Parish Secretary and continuously updated throughout the week. Names are read aloud each Wednesday at the Healing Service and on Sunday during Intercessory Prayers.  Request for Prayer can be emailed to  or you can fill out a prayer request form found here or in the pew racks.

Intercessory prayer is hard work, but it is a work of love. It is carrying those we love and long to be healed on our hearts, and taking them mysteriously and wonderfully into the very heart of God.

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram
Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Prayer List for Sunday, August 25, 2019


We bring to you our prayers for those who are ill or suffering and for all who need the love and power of Christ, especially Michael Snyder, the Moore family, Jameya Uhercik, Jacob Sexton, Brennan Feidler, Jeremy Grimes, Sally Padilla, Katie Hughes, Ron and Jean Coleman, Tania Verafield, David Henry, Peter DiCarlo, Debi and family, David Macauley, Joe Regan, Vaneza Pereira, Jane Magwood, Michael Watkins, Leslie Miller, Terri Hoff, Ruth Grombacher, Freya Baldwin, Sarah Long, the Barba family, Ashley Barba, Allison, Douglas Fry, Gil Gonzalez, Cathy Wetzell, Gloria Delgado, Faith Glidden, Vincent Vine, Frank Lopez, Judy Marconi, Frank, Reiss McAniff, Chuck Marshall, Jim Ward, Joyce Gelzer, Greg Simmons, Jerry Rush, Jim Evans, Linda Evans, Charlie Beatty, the Zotovich family, Fred Garside, Maria Crisostomo, Louise Jones, Roberto Muñiz, Mike Crandall, Ed J., Robert Gomez, David Shorter Jr., Patricia Bourne, David A., Carol Snyder, Father Vincent Shamo. May they be healed and be whole.


We continue to pray for the needs of those listed in our Welcome Bulletin, especially Vic Robinette, Sandie and Chet Fenton, Nicholas Pinkerton Smith, Steve Cranston, Micah Moore, Elizabeth Meek, Mike Cammarano, Angel Manuelos, Steve Black, Stephen Gutierrez, the Roman family, Matt Tufenkian, Fran Lester, Marina Medina, Garrett Baltz, Angel Manuelos Jr., Cameron Casey and family, Fernando Aguilar, Bethany, Jocelyn Chan, Marion Vesey, Fred Garside II, Kevin Dumain, Kirsten Stanwych, Richard Bohn, Dean Matsubayashi, Christine Dickson Harris, Peg Bradley, Sylvia Seitz, Andrea Moss, Darlene Pearl, Carolyn Weirick, Nancy Ellsworth, Lani Weirick, Renee Guy, Diana Davis Rieger, Ray Wells, Patti Stiles, Shirley Dyer Hargrave, John Schlicter, David and Margie Schlicter, Laurie Norman, Bruce Twining, John De Modena, the MacDonald family, Helen Kinsley, Jason Vine, Virginia Barger, Dick Biersch, Carmina Ransopher, Vivienne Deutsch, Grant Haserot, John Higginson, Joanna Kinsley, the Moss family, Alaine Gill, Scott Seidlin, Gigi Sherman, Becky and James Snyder, Stacy Szeabo, Ashley Whitehead.


We pray for the dying and the dead, especially Jamie Mitchell.

Civic Leaders

Heavenly Father, this week we pray for the leaders of our government at all levels.  We pray for Donald, our President, for Gavin, our Governor, and for Jason, our Mayor.  Give all our leaders your wisdom and grace to serve the community, the state, and the nation for the benefit of all.

Law Enforcement & Military

We pray for all those serving in our law enforcement and military, especially Army Sergeant Taylor Beith, Civil Servant Mary Claire Sei, Los Angeles Police Sergeant Louie Origel, First Lieutenant Thomas Matthews, Arcadia Police Officer Robert Bartley, Jr., Lieutenant Commander Ross Cooper, Corporal Dylan Bartley, USMC, 1st Class Petty Officer Kevin Rossini, Air Force Captain Daniel McAllister, Ensign Jonathan Moss, Staff Sergeant Adam Briceno, Captain K. C. Chase, Captain J. W. Hammond, USMC, Petty Officer-2 Garrett Riney, Private First Class Michael Yeast, Captain William Cooper, USMC Blake Shishido, Private First Class Vito He and Private First Class James Zhang.

 Memorials & Thanksgivings

The flowers are given in loving memory of Anne Wilson Kibler, and in thanksgiving for the birthdays of Joshua Pearson Garside and Heidi Anne Townsend.