Praying Towards Sunday for December 18th

Advent is a wondrous season; a time of waiting and watching, a time of anticipation. It is a time to become quiet and listen.  Advent is a time to prepare our hearts for the coming of the light into the world. I see it as an invitation to become more conscious of how we can participate in being the light in the world. 

Just like Mary said “Yes” to bearing the son of God, so might we say, “Yes” to bearing Jesus. Like Mary, we might become pregnant with the light of Christ within our very being too.  We too might imagine ourselves as Christ – bearers. We are about to worship the coming of Emanuel into the world. God with us. So if we really believe that God is with us – we are Christ-bearers, taking Christ with us wherever we go. We acknowledge this in our baptismal covenant, “We commit to seek and serve Christ in all persons.” So yes – we are Christ-bearers!

In the Eastern Church this is called Theotokos, Christ-bearers. Let us set about to take seriously the idea of Emanuel, God with us, and live the light into being.