Praying Towards Sunday - May 29th, 2016

Smart Stuff! - Rev. Peg Bradley

The readings for this Sunday talk about those who travel to other lands and how God blesses them.   If you travel anywhere, I hope you have a smartphone that has a GPS application!  It has been such a blessing to Gary and me.  Finding our way around town these days with just our old Thomas Guide was just not working the way it used to.  But now, when we talk to the phone - yes, talk to IT rather than using it to talk to people! - it takes us right to the address we gave it.  It gives us turn-by-turn directions and even puts a picture on the screen showing us how to get there. Isn't that amazing? How does it do that?  I am told that it's connected somehow to satellites in the sky that are watching our every move!  It's a little creepy, actually, to think of Big Brother up there watching every move we make.  Actually it's Big Sister, since our GPS has a female voice.

That is amazing, but wait! There's more! The GPS will help us find our way - even if we get lost in spite of the voice commands.  (Sometimes the voice command is a little late to tell us to get in the right hand lane, for example, and we have to keep going in the left lane through the traffic signal.) 

Now what?  Well, if we make a wrong turn, the GPS will adjust the directions to get us back on the right track.  Big Sister really is watching every wrong move we make!  She tells us how far it is to our destination, and what time we will arrive!  Totally amazing.

 In trying to find our way through life's journeys, God has given us a spiritual GPS to guide us. That guide is the Holy Spirit. When we don't know what to do or which way to turn, She always points us in the right direction. The voice that guides us in our daily life is our conscience.  And the map that shows us how to live life in a way that is good is the bible.

Jesus knew that we needed help in making the right decisions in life. He promised that God would send the Holy Spirit "to guide us in all truth."  That means that the Holy Spirit will help us to understand God's Word which always points us in the right direction, points us to Jesus who is "the Way, the truth, and the life."

I can't imagine taking a trip now without a GPS to help us find the way - and I can't imagine trying to navigate life's journey without the Holy Spirit to guide me.  Whenever you don't know which way to turn, you can always turn to God's Word and let the Holy Spirit be your guide.  Smart stuff - GPS on the phone and spiritual GPS in your heart!