Parking Memo for COS

Dear Church Parishioners/ACGS Parents/Guests,

Re: Circle Drive
Twice recently the fire department was not able to properly access the church property during an emergency because of vehicles parked illegally in the circle drive, in spite of the red markings and the “no parking, fire lane” markings around the circle drive. The fire department is requiring the church enforce the fire code to prevent a future tragedy.
Please do not park in the circle drive or any areas marked with red paint and/or “No Parking” lettering.  Park only in marked stalls in the front small parking lot and the rear large lot.
Drop-off at the Circle Drive is allowed as long as the driver remains with the car. This means IN the car or within clear sight of the car, such as walking someone to the Church door.  No park-and-walk-away, even for a minute!
Illegally parked cars are in violation of CVC 22500.1 and are subject to be towed and/or cited.
Re: Cemetery
The Cemetery property adjoining the Church is managed independent of the Church.  The Church and the Cemetery, for the benefit of both parties, have entered into a mutual use agreement in regards to parking.
The Cemetery allows parking of church vehicles on its grounds subject to the following guidelines:
1.  Curbs painted red are no parking zones.
2.  Users respect directions given by Cemetery staff (verbal or with signage), especially when the Cemetery is holding a funeral service.
Since the cemetery is not the church’s property, we need to follow their guidelines to retain the privilege of temporary parking at the cemetery.  
Thank you very much for your attention to the above guidelines.  We appreciate your support to provide a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Yuhadhi Sundaramoorthy, Parish Administrator & Tom Lenzo, Safety Coordinator