MLK Day in the Diocese of Los Angeles

This past Sunday, 4 of our students from COS represented us at the worship service honoring The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  James Zhang (Sunday School Volunteer), Sarah Ni, Nicholas Correnti and Brendan Kim (Acolytes) participated in this service as greeters, readers and torchbearer.

The service itself was one word: glorious.  Attended by over 800 people, there was standing room only at Westchester Lutheran Church.  Our students were put right to work in their capacities as James and Sarah prepared to process with the altar party and Brendan and Nicholas served as greeters and ushers.  It was a little chaotic as many coordinators got us all together, and things started to ramp up as we got word that Mayor Eric Garcetti was walking up the stairs, then that Bishop Michael Curry was arriving.  In all of the hustle and bustle, there was a sense of joy.  People greeting each other, hugging and all happy to be in this place of worship to honor a man whose dream was being represented so wonderfully. 

Nicholas, Brendan and I squeezed into a pew in the far back of the Church (James and Sarah got to sit on the chancel) and the service started with a litany that we were invited to say in our own languages. 

I loved this section:

“When evil folks plot, good folks plan.  When evil folks burn and bomb, good folks must build and bind.  When evil folks shout ugly words of hatred, good folks must seek to bring into being a real order to justice.” 

Then our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry quoted this verse from Isaiah 51:1

"Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn;”

His sermon (available online) hit home a number of times, talking about this being a divided time in our country, we have to pray for each other, love each other and keep each other.  Looking to the rock to guide us as we march forward.

James, Sarah, Nicholas and Brendan (also representing the wonderful cultural cross section that is our church) were amazing participants and jumped right into the fray to help in the ways that they could.  I could not be prouder of them as I saw them perform their tasks amidst the new faces and joyful chaos that was this service.

During the 3rd verse of “God’s been good to me” Nicholas turns to me and says “If this is on Spotify, I’d add it to my playlist”.  Well I am happy to say to you Nicholas, and everyone else that it is in fact on Spotify (Click here for Playlist)!  And the service in its entirety is available from the LA Diocese Facebook!