Praying Towards Sunday

Reflection on Matthew 5 13-20

     Talk about intimidating, writing a reflection on Jesus’ masterpiece Sermon on the Mount.  I am looking for inspiration wherever I can but I am constantly being pulled into today’s world events and find myself unable to concentrate. I looked to my forte, the children’s chapel services Rev. Peg and I do for the children of a Childs Garden School and I came up with these thoughts about light:

      “This little light of mine” a classic children’s song

      “We light the candles to remind us Jesus is the light of the world!”...The words spoken when Rev. Peg lights the altar candles.     And lastly,

“I want to walk, walk like Jesus

I want to go wherever he goes

I’ll be his hands I’ll be his feet

Ill share his love with everyone I meet.” Lyrics to the song sung at ACGS graduations as we send these bearers of light into the world

The answer came to me.

With all the frightening headlines, political rhetoric, alternative facts and fake news I was becoming increasingly confused. I found myself praying that God take over and fix this problem and in re reading this portion of the gospel I know his plan. We need to be the light, and it must start with me and each of us who is a follower of Jesus.  Like the old WWJD (what would Jesus do?) movement, it occurred to me that WWJD  is exactly the right thing to do. I must be Jesus’ light in today’s world. Stand up for the oppressed, feed the homeless, visit the prisoner and care for those marginalized.  This is not dependent on political leanings but on one’s desire to do the right thing as Jesus would expect his disciples to do.

God loves us all in all our imperfections but he still calls us to be kind and loving to each other and that, for me takes precedence over any disagreement. No name calling or shaming for having a different thought process is allowed. The golden rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the Christian way to conduct ourselves.

I look at our COS community and see so many examples of being the light!  To start off, Sandy Smock’s Beacon comes to mind. He is showcasing the good works of this parish weekly for everyone to see. I see the Prism program visiting the incarcerated and taking a stand on Mass Incarceration.  I see the monks from the Community of Divine Love as they show solidarity with those who are afraid and alone. I see our parish welcoming the homeless, and the addict on to the campus. I see Our Saviour Center feeding the hungry. We are a safe place. We spread God’s light in the world. Just as Jesus would have us do. We are the light.

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