Thank You's for Your Light!

With a goal toward "wrapping up" stewardship 2018 -- "You are the Light of the World" -- earlier than in past years, I want to THANK those who have returned their pledge envelopes with your generous gifts -- 25 pledges.  I encourage everyone this year to pray about their gifts and to be ready to turn in the pledge envelope on Stewardship Sunday, October 29th OR earlier!  I am grateful for all pledges, but especially thankful for the fact that among the 25 current pledges, most include an increase near and, in three cases, surpassing the 20% increase challenge!  I know that everyone's pledge comes from the heart and truly brings Light into the world.
Each week this month a small gift in the form of a beautiful prayer card is being given and, on Stewardship Sunday, a very special gift will be given as you bring your pledge envelope (or card indicating you have already pledged) to the altar.  
Lastly, a Thank You Luncheon will be prepared -- not a potluck this year! -- following the 10am service, including a bit of music! 

We will enjoy a gospel-like rendition of ‘Jesus is the Light of the World’ sung by members of our choir. hope the 8am service members can return to enjoy the celebrative luncheon as well!  

A final note:  the service on October 29th at 10 am is a joint service and we are now able to provide translation through audio equipment.  This new system has been enthusiastically received by both English and Mandarin speakers, since the service itself flows more evenly without interruption.  Every word (not just some part) is translated into Mandarin for those who make use of the ear-phone audio system!  Thank you to Fr. Thomas and to Gabe Vazquez-Reyes for making this work so well!