A Note from the Property Committee

You may have noticed that two large trees have been removed from planters in the main parking area.  We were forced to remove the trees due to a fungus in the soil that made the trees so unhealthy as to pose safety hazard.  Pursuant to the City of San Gabriel’s requirements, we must replace any trees that are removed, however the replacement trees do not have to be of the same variety or in the same location.  We will be offering the opportunity for parishioners to donate a tree and have it planted and dedicated to a loved one, family or other remembrance.  More on this to come, but if you are interested in donating or contributing to donating a tree, please contact me.

In addition, we are evaluating all of the trees on the campus.  Some have recently lost large branches, which fortunately did not cause any injuries or significant damage.  Our tree service tells us that many trees across California were weakened from years of drought, and with the heavy rains we experienced last season, the extensive new growth has resulted in much more weight on weakened limbs, resulting in some of them failing. 

We very much value the many beautiful trees on our campus and want to do everything we possibly can to keep them healthy.  Obviously, our operating budget has limitations, so as we prepare to present our pledges next Sunday, PLEASE consider Fr. Gary’s request to increase your pledge. (SEE BELOW)

In addition to the tree evaluation and maintenance, we will have additional property-related expenses (e.g. getting the Rectory ready for a new resident…Gary+ and Peg+ have graciously not required us to make all the repairs necessary during their time here) in the immediate future.

Patrick Crandall

Property Committee chair