Positive Mental Health Support Group

There are times in our lives when problems become overwhelming and we need some help in working through the feelings of helplessness and the anxiety that may come with it. When we talk about the things that can overwhelm us, it takes the power out of the problem. Whether it is sickness or loss of a family member or a close friend or too many bills that come in the mail, it helps to have someone to listen. Sometimes we experience problems with our mental health due to these difficulties. If that is the case this is the group for you. We are completely confidential and what is said in our group stays in our group. Please contact either Michael Watkins (626) 243-8114 or Karen Streeter (626) 344-6619. We are here for you.

We are happy to be starting up again after the summer break. The next meeting is on October 13 and will continue on the second Friday of the every month. Please come and join us and we will enjoy recovery together.