Report from the Vestry Meeting: October 3, 2017

Father Gary opened the Vestry meeting with several readings focusing on transition. The following prayer moved me and I wanted to share it with fellow parishioners.

“O God, You know us better than we know ourselves. Guide us throughout our time of transition. Empower each one of use to use our unique gifts to create a beautiful life, to share openly and honestly our thoughts, to respect the opinions of others and to encourage humility, patience and joy. Instill in us a vision of the life you intended for us to lead. Guided by your Holy Spirit, we will be united in love and joyfully accomplish this mission, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, the Vestry voted to engage a “Priest-In-Charge” to guide our church through our transition period. This period will begin after Fr. Gary’s departure. Priest-In-Charge is the term the Episcopal Church uses for a priest with all the power of a rector, without tenure or being able to be called as a permanent rector.  Think if this position as in Interim Rector. This individual will be appointed by the diocese. I have been in contact with The Rev. Joanna Satorius, Canon For Clergy Formation and Transitions Officer for the LA Diocese,  concerning the Vestry’s recent decision. At this writing,  a specific person and a start date have not yet been determined.

What will the “Priest-In-Charge” duties entail?

The Priest-In-Charge will assume all responsibility of a rector. This person will take on pastoral and administrative duties. This individual will have experience in running a church. The Episcopal Church recommends that a church of our size and numerous ministries, employ the services of a Priest-In-Charge. This individual will also have the skill set needed to guide our congregation as we do the work of developing our Parish Profile. This individual will preside at the Annual Meeting and be part of the Vestry, as is any rector.

Please pray for the Vestry and our Congregation as we embark on this exciting period of self- examination, discovery and discernment.

Any questions about the transition process can be e-mailed to the Vestry at: