Stewardship Update (Revised)

With gratitude for everyone's generosity, we are much closer to our goal of wrapping up stewardship 2018 -- "You are the Light of the World" -- earlier than in past years!  We have a unique budget challenge this year with regard to our important Rector Transition process, and having your pledge commitments recorded earlier is key to effective planning. So, thank you very much!

As of December 5th, 2017 , we have received 151 pledges for a total amount of $442,063 which represents 93.0% of our budgeted goal. We are not far from reaching our goal of $475,000 and it is just 7% away from that magic number. You can make that wish happen!

If you are still considering or have misplaced your pledge envelope, you can always call or email Yuhadi for an online pledge or to have another pledge envelope sent to you. Pledge envelopes are also in each pew rack and at the stewardship table. We would like to wrap the campaign by Dec 15th to have a more accurate budget for 2018. We hope that you will make that a possibility and a reality.

For those who have pledged, the pledge packets will be at the east vestibule table by the Patton window each Sunday till all packets are taken.  For those who were absent or missed some weeks during the stewardship campaign, please take any gifts that you may have missed during the 5 weeks of campaign. Please take them as a reflective memento.

With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you for the sharing of your treasures, your time and your talent.