Dorris Dann Kids Campus Partners with LARF

Every day at our Dorris Dann Kids Campus, students from all over the El Monte School district enjoy several hours of after school programming in a variety of curriculum.  Along side this is the DDKC's dedication to healthy, active lifestyles.  This is why there are only healthy snacks available (pictured) and there is an emphasis on making healthy choices at school and at home.  With that in mind, the DDKC has entered into a new partnership with LARF (The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank).  Once a month from now until the end of the school year, with designs to continue in the Summer, all participants of the Dorris Dann Kids Campus will be able to take a 10 lb bag of breakfast items home with them.  Most of the students at DDKC qualify for breakfast and hot lunch programs in the school district, however a reality for most of their parents is that they have to work on the weekend or during school breaks.  This breakfast program will help with making sure the students have enough healthy options at home during their weekends away from school.

The Dorris Dann Kids Campus serves over 140 students every single day of the school year and during Summer programs.  Learn more at!

Our Saviour Center serves individuals and families every Tuesday and Thursday with food from LARF.  Learn more about us at and about LARF at

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