Praying Towards Sunday

Transformative Way Ministries of COS!

“The Four Pathways of the Spiritual Life” is a beautiful summary of our Christian journey to God developed by a 13th century theologian and pastor named Meister Eckart.  The four ways are the Positive Way, the Negative Way, the Creative Way, and the Transformative Way. 

Examples:  The Positive Way would be like a beautiful sunset that leads us to consider God’s magnificence.   The Negative Way would be some pain that leads us to turn to God for help.  The Creative Way would lead us to God by our own participation in bringing something new into the world through art or music, construction, etc.  The Transformative Way would lead us to God by our work for justice to help align the world with the love of God.

Meister Eckhart insisted that no Spiritual Life is whole without all FOUR pathways in play.  Again, for example, to never come to God through a negative experience or to fail to understand that what we create comes from God’s creativity within us would be to miss the “Way” to God.

The Transformative Way is, however, the KEY to the four pathways, being the one that most “informs” the other pathways.  Eckhart says that this path is essential for one to truly embrace one’s Christianity, but is the most neglected or the least understood essential pathway to God.

This weekend we are celebrating some of the OUTREACH MINISTRIES of COS –which are this parish’s Transformative Way ministries!

Please check out the SIX tables of ministries on the patio.  Learn more about how we as a community of faith find our WAY to the Lord through the transforming of the world we inhabit!  Who Are We?  What Do We Do? Who Do We Serve?  How Can We Get Involved?

It is a Festival of Transformation Ministries!