Celebrating Rex Botengan's 25 years of Dedication!

As Rex Botengan concludes 25 years at Our Saviour Center, we have the opportunity to THANK him in concrete fashion by contributing to a "Purse" authorized by the Vestry at our April meeting.

Please be generous to this wonderful servant of the Lord who has worked for modest wages during ALL his years, but especially the last four years as Executive Director.  Because the Vestry has authorized this fund-raising, your checks may be made to Church of Our Saviour, earmarked (memo line) "Rex Botengan purse."  These gifts can be received anytime up to and including the celebration of the Dorris Dann Kid's Campus ministry on SUNDAY, May 7th, where we will include a simple "Thank you, Rex" ceremony as part of the showcasing of the DDKC achievements.

Rex really leaves on three very high notes:

1.  The amazing achievement of the Medical Clinic's income line of their budget for 2016, expanding beyond our wildest expectations to include complete coverage of the overhead costs which we did not expect for another three to five years!

... And just in the last  month...

2.  Securing the solid funding into the future--$75K/per year--of the wonderful Soccer for Success program that had to be cancelled last fall due to sudden disappearance of original funding "match."  Rex calls it "a nutrition/education program masquerading as a sport," that will involve up to 1,000 kids, each session, in the coming year and beyond.

3.  Identifying an $80,000 partnership "deal" with the City of Hope to make use of OSC's Healthy Teaching Kitchen, including paying for needed repairs to the Kitchen and Food Bank's walk-in refrigerator.

Rex is among the most dedicated servants of the Kingdom of Christ that I have ever had the privilege to know and the even greater privilege to have worked with.  PLEASE BE GENEROUS in your voluntary gifts to the Rex Botengan Purse!  And, by the way, Rex remains a generous pledging parishioner whom we have multiple "designs" upon for future involvements!

Thank you in advance,