Music of the World!

Traditionally the children’s choirs of COS perform a Spring Musical, however this Spring I thought we would change it up a bit. For our Spring concert the COS youth choirs will be presenting ‘Music of the World’ a showcase of music from a variety of countries, traditions and cultures.

My inspiration for this concert came from my love and passion for West African music. In college, I studied West African Drumming for 2 years and fell in love with their culture. In the African culture, they believe that there is rhythm in everything, in the words we speak to the steps we take…rhythm is all around us, we must simply stop and pay attention. Our concert will take you on a journey through different lands around the globe.

An important part of the musical language is rhythm, with that being said, the choirs will present 3 rhythmic pieces through a drum circle and Indonesian Body percussion. I chose to incorporate non-singing pieces to demonstrate the importance of being a well rounded musician, as well as providing a space for them to experience music through another medium other than their voices.

I would like to dedicate this concert to Steve Biondo who was my West African Drumming Professor at The University of LaVerne who passed away April 12th, 2017. He shared his passion and knowledge of the West African culture through the art of drumming, and for that I am forever grateful.

Join us May 20th at 4:30 PM