Praying Towards Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate Morning Prayer with a Youth Take-ON Sunday! The experience of leading students and helping them engage in a liturgy in this way has been a fantastic challenge. Yes, leading up to the Youth Take-ONs emails fly back and forth, rehearsals are needed and we walk through all the details leading up to Sunday morning worship. But where God is in all this preparation is in the adults building relationships and making disciples out of our Students. This is fundamental to the success and sustainability of any Youth Ministry program and Church of Our Saviour has done this very well. From the Eucharistic Ministers to jumping to volunteer to be Acolytes for the day to the Clergy helping prepare our young celebrants and preachers, it is the road to Emmaus being lived out here with our Students. We get the opportunity to work with young people as they come to this place seeking to know who Jesus is and what part does God play into their lives. Much like the two on the road, they are wondering, questioning, discussing back and forth. We get to be the stranger, walking along together in community and teaching. All at the end for Jesus to be revealed in the breaking of the bread and thankfully, with all of the help listed above, gets to be a transformative experience as our students engage and Take-ON the Sunday liturgy to hopefully go and proclaim that the “Lord is Risen!”. Thank you Church of Our Saviour for continuing to be a place to where students can find their place to journey!