Praying Towards Sunday

Goose Bump Junction and the Old Gut Feeling

When I was a youngster we used to get that feeling that I think we all get from time to time when a wave of wonderful energy moves through us lifting the hair on our arms and causing goose-bumps to rise. It was – and continues to be, a wonderfully splendid sensation. We used to call it Goose-Bump Junction. I often still get that feeling from time to time as I suspect we all do. But today I know that it is more than a child-like interpretation of just Goose-Bump Junction. Today I know that it is God’s Holy Spirit physically touching me – speaking to me, saying that whatever I’m are doing at that moment is good. Or it could be drawing my attention to the person or people around me, that they have wisdom for me. Sometimes this touch of God’s Holy Spirit feels like I have just hit on a divine truth. In any event, I have no doubt that it is real.

In the same way, God’s Holy Spirit can speak to our intuition. How many times have we looked back on a situation in retrospect and realized that we had a gut feeling about something or someone that later turned out indeed to be true? Sometimes we kick ourselves saying “I knew it”, or sometimes we go with something just because it feels right. Could that be God’s Holy Spirit once again guiding us through our intuition to do the right thing – guiding us into God’s desire for us? I know it is for me.

Or sometimes the Holy Spirit will place a thought in my mind or help me remember something important, once again guiding me in God’s love and desire.  How many times have we picked up the phone and it was someone we were just thinking of, or had an idea that felt inspired? Or how many times have we read a piece of scripture and understood it in a whole new way? Or how many times have we been stopped in our tracks with a thought about something we may have forgotten or something we should do? I am certain that this is all the work of God’s Holy Spirit in my life. Maybe it’s the same for you.

But here is the rub. We have the choice to either listen to the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit or not. God will always try to guide us through the Holy Spirit to do the right thing, to step into His righteousness, but we have the freedom to choose how we are going to respond. We have this great gift of free-will so we can have the ability to make the ultimate choice for God and God’s love and to do so freely without any sort of coercion. Because the Spirit of God is gentle. The Spirit of God never forces us, but instead invites us.

So whether it is through goose bump junction, that old gut feeling, through other people, the God’s created world around us, or through the small voice within our mind and heart, God is always speaking to us through Spirit ever guiding us into goodness. Following the nudge of the Holy Spirit is not always easy, but to do so is to follow the Spirit of Truth. This is the same Spirit of Truth that Jesus left us with. And he left it with the promise that He would be with us always in this way.

Our task is to develop our listening skills.