Summer Sabbatical…of sorts!

It is with tremendous gratitude that I acknowledge the Vestry’s approval of my request for a “hybrid sabbatical” this summer.  From Father’s Day to the week before Labor Day I will be out of the office during the week (though available by phone) and yet Peg and I will be present on most Sundays.

The reason for this unique sabbatical at this time is the following:

As most of you know, my wife, Peg, received a diagnosis last May 2016 of early-onset Alzheimer’s.  While I immediately considered my own retirement at that time, your kindness and support of Peg has argued against too quickly leaving this church where she is so dearly loved. Since hearing of the diagnosis, you have responded with so many kind recommendations in reference to Alzheimer’s:  to learn more about/ read up on/ engage in support groups/ consider diet suggestions/ sign-up for medical trials/ participate with Peg in focused exercise (for brain oxygenation)/ investigate eventual assisted living situations/ establish social connections in Crestline, CA for Peg before more serious deterioration/ check into ID bracelets and GPS monitors that one or both of us wears, etc … and much more. 

I had thought I could do some of this investigative work while carrying on my duties as Rector, but have not found it possible to focus sufficiently.  Hence my request for this special time.

During this hybrid sabbatical, we will not be far away, but only in Crestline (near Arrowhead).  I will be available by phone and Face Time as well as returning for pastoral emergencies as I have every summer when such needs have arisen.  And for most of the Sundays, Peg and I will be here at church where Peg is blessed by your caring.

God bless you for the Vestry you have elected who approved this request.  A special blessing upon our Senior Warden, Juli Kennedy, as she assumes the leadership of the parish in my absence and God bless all of you who will, I know, help her when she turns to you in need.
 Thank you,