Praying Towards Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Our first Sunday in Ordinary time is called Trinity Sunday, which by the way has nothing to do with anything except church doctrine.  It was a Sunday that most of the rectors, who were lucky enough to have a staff, gave sermon assignments to their junior clergy.  Yet, it is important to understand the importance of the Trinity, God the Father or Creator, God the Son or Redeemer and God the Holy Spirit or Sanctifier.  Now why would there be so much confusion about this? Don’t you and I have many different roles in our lives?  Carl Jung talked about sub-personalities and pointed out how many different personas we have just in an ordinary day.  No, he was not talking about split personalities, he was saying that at different times we are thought of and seen in a different way, i.e. mother, child, wife, etc. still one person. So as you think about this it seems mind boggling that the early church had the need to explain God, as if one could, and why they would do this I will never understand.  What is important though is to know and feel God’s love and compassion for all human kind. 

As we read in Genesis, we are reminded that we are created in God’s image who gave us power over other creatures. God gave us freedom to create, destroy and waste what was so freely given to us. That is a lot of power, which unfortunately was often misused during the early times as well as now.  On the plus side, however, we have also been blessed with wonderful discoveries that make our everyday life easier.

In today’s gospel reading of Mark we receive a very poignant and important message.  It is a message of hope that reminding us that God is with us no matter what.  Jesus says: “that he is with us always, to the end of age.”  This is indeed good news and very comforting to know that no matter what, we are never alone, particularly at those moments when we feel befuddled and confused.   It is the Trinity at work, God giving himself to us thru his Son and the Holy Spirit.