Praying Towards Sunday (Repost)

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Water: essential to our survival and absolutely necessary for plants/everything to grow.  This coming Sunday we have the Lectionary readings from Isaiah 55, Psalm 65, Romans 8 and Matthew 13.  Water, seeds, fruits of the Spirit: “The Sower” parable, we have heard many sermons on these passages throughout our spiritual lives.

In this short meditation I want to plant a “seed” about music.  Music is an essential part of our worship here at The Church of Our Saviour.  Even the early service, though a “said service” has music to give us voice and to bring us into a time of reflection and worship.  The “front and back” of our worship was called Prelude and Postlude or Voluntaries.  The Prelude is “preparation” and the Postlude is “sending forth”.  At the ten a.m. liturgy, the Tower Bell is rung at 9:50 a.m., and that is a “signal” for us to gather and prepare ourselves for our time with our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. I hope you will come “early” and find a time of quiet reflection, look through the liturgy, read the words of the hymns, the scripture and prepare yourself for fully participating in this worship of God, through music, word, and sacrament.  The Postlude, in the words from the Roman Catholic tradition: “The mass is ended, go in peace.”  A sending forth: a joyful expression of our faith.

The other seed I want to plant on “good ground” is the 10th Season of our “Music for a Season” Series.  This series has been blessed by your generous contributions these past nine years.  Look at the new season, you will find times for reflection, Evensongs on the “Third Sunday of the Month”, and other opportunities to invite friends to become familiar with the ministry here at COS throughout the coming year. 

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