Praying Towards Sunday

A Personal Priviledge

In my recent meditations I have been thinking about the privilege we have as children of God.

What a privilege it is to walk with God.  I hope you share in this sensation from time to time, and I hope we can work together to adopt this approach to all of life.  In the context of walking on the sea Jesus says to his disciples, “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid!”  In the context of walking hand in hand with Jesus these words ring true.  Only when we walk with God do they seem relevant.

Jesus invites the disciples to leave their little boat and walk with him.  The boat is a necessary refuge from the storms of life, and we retreat to it from time to time.  Our Church of Our Saviour is built like a boat, as are most Anglican churches, a shelter from the storm.  But this perspective only makes sense if we picture ourselves as walking with Jesus through the storms of life.

Walking implies movement.  And in this case the movement is with God at our side.  The kingdom is not static.  It is a ferment in our lives and in our society.  We are as a church constantly in motion, moving toward the justice and peace of God.  Without movement there is no discipleship on our part. 

When we are at work on the front lines of reaching out to a world in need, we are walking with God.  The early church members were called the people of the way.  The way implies movement toward a goal.  We walk with God, and in this process of motion we can sense his nearness to us and the comfort this affords us:  “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid!”

Working on the front lines may be through our prayers, through our generosity of volunteer time and talent, through our monetary support, or through a career of service.

As I interviewed 27 of our parishioners over the past eight months, parishioners who have been with our Church for at least 50 years, I discovered what a wealth of resources these folks represent in terms of advancing the work of the Kingdom of God.  They have walked with God in so many ways during their lives:  caring for families and neighbors, employed in the service of God’s care for creation, carrying out God’s compassion and mercy, working for justice, volunteering for worthy causes.  The inventory of their honorable lives is abundant evidence of walking with God and working for the Kingdom of God.

The only question is whether we can feel it in our bones.  Can we hear Jesus whisper, “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid!”?  Do we have that sense of intimacy with God that sustains us through our moments of adversity?

I hope as you survey your own life—past, present and future—you can be assured of God’s presence by your side.  What a privilege—to walk with God!

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