Vacation Bible School 2017

Tell Us Your Stories Jesus!

VBS 2017 was a big hit! The theme this summer was ‘Tell Us your Stories, Jesus’. Each day at VBS 52 kids (ages 4-5th grade) would meet in the gathering place for some music, cheers and fun, led by Taylor and Gabe Vazquez-Reyes and Hailey Gold. After gathering time it was off to a variety of stations. We had a craft room where children would make a craft pertaining to the parable of the day. A music room where the kids (and leaders) learned musical concepts through Kodaly musical games and songs. A snack room (everyone’s favorite stop of the day) where the kids could cool off and chat with friends old and new. Lawn games, which gave the kids an opportunity to let loose and have a blast as they battle it out through a variety of team building games… including water balloon Fridays! And lastly, the kids would gather in the story time tent where they were greeted by two characters, Bob and Steve, who told these wonderful parable stories from their viewpoint (making it more modern and relatable to all ages). 

All in all VBS was a success due to the organization and wonderful volunteers. Our goal for next year is to invite and encourage more volunteers to help us with VBS. For safety reasons we must have at least 2 adults per every group of 10 kids. Due to the lack of volunteers, we had to turn away quite a few families from joining our awesome camp! So we have high hopes of finding some additional energetic volunteers to help us next summer! If you are interested please feel free to call me at COS ex.15 or e-mail me at

Have a great and cool rest of your summer!