From the Senior Warden

The Rev. Gary Bradley and Sr. Warden Juli Kennedy at the Annual Meeting 2017

The Rev. Gary Bradley and Sr. Warden Juli Kennedy at the Annual Meeting 2017

I was pleased to see 100 + parish members at the Sunday Forum on September 17, 2017.
This was the first Forum to discuss the process for calling a new Rector. I will highlight what was presented on Sunday. Myself and Patrick Crandall-Junior Warden made a presentation outlining the process the Dioceses of Los Angeles recommends that parishes follow when beginning a search for a new Rector. Katherine Feng- Junior Warden for our Mandarin speaking family assisted with translation. Thank you to both Junior Wardens.

First, I invite all to pray for the parish using this prayer from The Book of Common Prayer-page 817 Prayer #11.

Almighty and ever living God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

The Vestry has been preparing for a search for several months. Back in March (2017) the Vestry had a full weekend retreat with Bob Honeychurch. Fr. Honeychurch’s job is to serve as an interim priest. He lead the Vestry through a weekend long process on how to prepare for a transition for when Gary would ultimately announce his retirement plans. Bob helped to prepare the Vestry for the steps that would be necessary to take. This process has been on the minds of the Vestry for several months.

When Fr. Gary informed me, as Senior Warden, of his retirement date. I made an appointment with Canon Joanna Satorius. She is the head of the office for Transition Ministry for the Diocese of Los Angeles. Meeting with her, starts the process with the diocese.  The office is now aware that Gary is retiring and when. They also are now aware that we will be in need of and interim/Priest in Charge. Between myself, as senior warden, Joanna and the Bishop. We will secure an individual to fill that spot. This individual will assist and guide us in our self-study and parish profile.

Joanna met with the Vestry, last Tuesday (September 12, 2017) night to outline the steps that need to be taken next.  This includes developing a Parish Profile.

What is a Parish Profile?

The Parish Profile is a document that describes a congregations, history, mission and goals, hopes, dreams and the qualities they seek in their next priest.

The information for this document requires input from all congregation members.

The profile will help us describe our congregation clearly, identify our goals and articulate our history. This profile allows others to read about us as well.

The profile will include

  • Mission Statement and Goals
  • Brief history of the congregation
  • Description of programs and organizations
  • Financial Summary
  • Hopes and dreams of members
  • Information about the local community and dioceses
  • Qualities sought in a new rector

As this process continues all members will be engaged to help develop the Profile.

I have asked Paul Kilian to head up the Parish Profile Committee. Paul has head the Strategic Plan Committee. I feel Paul’s experience with the Strategic Plan Committee, his ability to synthesis a great deal of data and his leadership skills make him the right individual to head this important committee.

Once the Parish Profile has been developed and submitted to the Vestry, the Vestry will determine how to proceed in calling a new rector.

As senior warden, I will be writing an article at least monthly in the Messenger. A link will be added to our Website ( that will update the work being done by the Vestry and the various committees working on our Parish Profile.

I have asked Gabe to create a new e-mail ( for questions regarding the search process. This e-mail will be monitored by the Clerk of the Vestry. When the e-mail has been established, it will be published.

In the meantime, Father Gary is our Rector. The Vestry and Father Gary are moving forward to “Ignite our Future”. A celebration of Gary and Peg’s life in this parish needs to be planned.

A priest will be assigned to serve as interim or priest in charge when Gary’s retirement begins. The exact details have not yet been formalized. The diocese is working to make this time of transition as smooth as possible. The diocese wants this process to be successful.

A list of questions asked at the Forum are outlined in this article as well (click here for the questions).

I am excited about the future of this congregation. Pray for all of us as we move forward to “Ignite our Future” and continue to be a Beacon of God’s love in the San Gabriel Valley.