Stewardship 2018

"You've got try a little kindness, 

yes Lord, show a little kindness.

Shine your light for everyone to see!"

As I sat down to write this reminder that we are entering our Stewardship season, Peg was listening to a Glen Campbell CD (Listen Above).  The words of the song above were playing.  Perfect!  

This year's stewardship is possibly more important than any in recent years. Please follow our theme of this year and let you light shine to truly ignite the future of COS as we enter a guided transition process for your new Rector.  Guided, that is, by the same one who guided this Israelites in the Pillar of Cloud/Fire on their JOURNEY -- not their "wandering" -- preparing for entry into the Promised Land.  Without the guided journey itself, the people would not have entered the Promised Land as God intended!

THANK YOU!  -- Gary+