Praying Towards Sunday

Our Hope for Years to Come

The ever-rolling stream of time has borne Peg and me to this Sunday's celebration of 100 years.
Peg entered the Convent of the Sisters of Loretto in 1972 and I entered Regina Cleri Seminary in 1962. That's 45 plus 55 years ago.
Peg graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in Education and Special Ed in 1978 and taught in parochial schools for 23 years. She then entered Episcopal Church parish ministry at St. Stephen's in Santa Clarita 20 years ago, a year before I joined the staff of The Church of Our Saviour as Vicar of Immanuel, El Monte.
The ineffable joy it has given us to work together in Ministry at this Church for the last 7 years is, as the adjective is defined, "too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words."


Thank you!
Time, the ever-flowing stream, bears us physically away for a time as Church tradition expects, but never you from our hearts, nor hopefully us from yours, as God who has been our help in ages past remains our hope for years and years to come.