Praying Towards Sunday

41 Years -- COS Staff!


Here's the plan: HELP YOLANDA PAYOFF HER MORTGAGE!  A "purse" will be collected and given to Yolanda this coming Sunday at the celebrations after both services.

In the year of the US Bicentennial in 1976, the 24-year-old Yolanda Galeazzi, recently emigrated from Guadalajara, Mexico, began working for A Child's Garden School at The Church of Our Saviour. Her modest salary job expanded to full time as she took on housekeeping chores for the parish facilities.  A few years later her husband joined the maintenance staff of the church where he remained for 25 years until his health prohibited him from continuing.  He is now legally blind and Yolanda is the sole support.  Almost 30 years ago the Galeazzi's were able to purchase a home in San Gabriel before the surge in home prices.  In 6 months that mortgage will be paid off.  IT IS MY HOPE THAT AFTER PAYING HER JUST ABOVE MINIMUM WAGE FOR 41 YEARS THAT WE CAN GIVE HER THE GIFT OF 6 MONTHS OF MORTGAGE PAYMENTS--ABOUT $8,000.  (I would much prefer that you contribute to Yolanda's purse than to the Bradleys' since we have the Church Pension Fund to take care of us.)
Let's celebrate 41 years--big time! --this Sunday!
Thank you,


BTW--the precedent this sets applies only to any employee who works for COS at near minimum wage for more than 40 years whose spouse ALSO works for the church for more than 25 years at similar modest wage.