From the Senior Warden

Re-cap of Forum, Sunday 1-21-2018

This is a prayer from The Book of Common Prayer that can be prayed for our parish during this time of transition.

“For the Parish: Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Thank you to all that could be a part of the joyous celebration of Father Gary and Peg’s life at this church. Love could be felt in every corner of this campus. Gary and Peg were surprised by the trees (and the plaques  below them) that were planted to honor their ministries too the Church of Our Saviour. The trees are oak trees and are planted in the back parking lot. Please visit the trees and say hello to them. One of the trees was generously donated by the mandarin speaking arm of our church family.

Many on the vestry have been asked about the rational behind waiting a month between Peg and Gary’s departure and Bob Honeychurch’s arrival. The wardens, along with Fr. Honeychurch discussed several start dates.  It was mutually  felt that a bit of time would give the parish some breathing time. Four weeks seemed a reasonable amount of time. Time to get used to Gary and Peg not being with us, time to stand on our own (and do it well), and time for Father Honeychurch to complete his duties in his current interim position. Church of Our Saviour is in good hands for the next few Sundays. The preaching and celebrating schedule can be found at the end of this article. 

Bob Honeychurch will begin his interim time at the Church of Our Saviour on Feb. 12, 2018. He will be a full time interim rector. Bob will have all the authority of a rector. Bob’s first “official” duties will be on Ash Wednesday. There will be 3 services on Ash Wednesday 7:00 AM (Morning Prayer and Imposition of Ashes) 11:30 (Healing Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes) and 7:00 PM Eucharisht Imposition of Ashes).
Father Honeychurch will not be living in the Rectory. (more on the Rectory later)
The Church of our Saviour currently has a 1 year agreement with Father Honeychurch. This agreement can be extended if the work of the Parish Profile and other things needed to determine the needs for a new rector are not completed within that time frame.  
Bob will be attending the SAGES luncheon in February. This will be an opportunity for him to share a bit more about himself and his tenure with Church of Our Saviour. 
Bob lead the last (2017) Vestry retreat. Many members on the vestry had this opportunity to meet and work, in retreat with Bob.  A relationship with vestry leadership has already been established.
Father Honeychurch has 33 years of experience as a Rector. He has served as an interim rector in several parishes. He has the skills necessary to help us move into the future as we, as a parish, develop our Parish Profile. 

Paul Kilian will serve as Chair of the Parish Profile committee. As of this meeting, no other committee members have been selected. Father Honeychurch will work with Paul and the Vestry to determine the types of individuals that will be needed for the work of developing the profile. If you have and interest in serving on this committee, please let Juli Kennedy or Paul Killian know. 
The work of developing the parish profile will begin when Father Honeychurch is in place as interim rector. This will include telling church stories and listening to each others stories. All parish members will have an opportunity to give input. Information for the Parish Profile will be gathered in a multitude of ways. Part of this process will be for each of us to see how we are part of God’s story. The goal will be for each of us to have our lives move more into “God's story” for us.  This time will be an exciting time of discovery and a wonderful opportunity for this church to “Ignite It’s Future!”

The Annual Meeting will be held on March 18, 2018. The Church’s bylaws permit the Vestry to set the annual meeting date any time between January and April.
The date of March 18  has been selected. Father Honeychurch will chair this meeting, new vestry members will be selected and the budget will be presented. 
The nominating committee has been selected and will meet before the next Vestry meeting (Feb. 6, 2018)to present the slate of vestry nominees.  Juli Kennedy will chair the nominating committee. (If anyone has an interest in serving on the upcoming Vestry, please let Juli Kennedy know) 

Patrick Crandall, as Junior Warden and Chair of the Property Committee discussed the Rectory. During their time in the rectory, Peg and Gary did not ask the church to perform much maintenance on the house. Some repairs need to be made, and since the rectory will be vacated, this provides an opportunity to spruce up the rectory for the next occupant. 
The vestry voted to set aside a separate account for deferred maintenance around the campus. It has not been establish as of this date, but needs on campus will be prioritized and a campaign will begin in the near future. 

Parishioners asked the following questions following the presentation.

How much say does the dioceses have in this process?
The dioceses and the Vestry will approve the Parish Profile that is submitted. 
The dioceses will be a partner with the Church of Our Saviour (as needed) during the process of developing our parish profile and seeking a new rector.
The agreement made between the vestry and the next rector also needs dioceses approval. 

How long will this take?
My first answer will take as long as it takes. This is not a process that can be rushed. We will be hiring a new rector, but the hiring process is a bit different than that of a job in the secular world. This is a time of discernment for our parish. This process can take a year, maybe more. 

Will there be a “Search Committee”?
The formation of a “Search Committee” will depend on the direction the vestry chooses to go, once the parish profile has been developed. 
The vestry can choose to do a search. This search could be as narrow as wanted only priests that currently reside in Southern California or it could be expanded to include priest worldwide. Potential priests names would be given to the search committee by the dioceses, based on the Parish Profile. The search committee will do the work it needs to do, submit names to the Vestry. The Vestry has the final say in the calling of a rector. 
The vestry could also choose to ask the dioceses to provide a Priest-in-Charge-(Under Special Circumstances). This individual would start with a tenure of 12-18 months. At the end of the tenure, the vestry decides of the priest would be call as permanent rector. 
In both options, the vestry has the ultimate say. (This is an abbreviated version of both options.)

Who will be in charge of forums?
Gabe Vazquez-Reyes will be planning the forums for the next 3 weeks. I am going to be in conversation with Br. Dennis, Sharon Crandall and Gabe to develop a Lenten program (week night) and a Lenten Forum series. After Easter, Bob will have input regarding the Forum offerings.
Preaching and Celebrating schedule through Feb. 11

Date             Preacher                Celebrant
Jan. 28        Nancy Shier                Ellen Wekall
Feb. 4          Dennis Gibbs             Ellen Wekall
Feb. 11        Youth Take On Sunday        Marilyn Omernick

Other questions can be sent to the vestry via the form on the webpage for transition: or contact myself or Patrick Crandall. This contact information is also available on the church website.