Praying Towards Sunday

Reflection on Mark 1:20-39

In this chapter Mark tells us about Jesus going to a synagogue and encountering an unclean spirit and casting him out. This was quite a feat and this act caused a sensation where people sought out Jesus to see him. Mark also talks about Jesus going to Simon’s house and healing his mother in law. Hs fame grew and people sought him out to perform his miracles and listen to his teachings.

This reminds me of an incident in chapel many years ago. A young teacher was trying to impress the children with how important Jesus was. He described him as a healer, a teacher, a friend and a magician! That description thrilled the children but not the more seasoned teachers who were rather appalled by that description. One thing we knew for sure is that Jesus was not a magician.  His miracles were not a parlor trick but came through the power of God.  

 It is no wonder people flocked to where Jesus was reported to be. I remember many bible stories that told of amazing crowds wanting to see Jesus and people hoped to be healed from their afflictions. I have no doubt that today it would be the same. Look at our church prayer list, wouldn’t it be wonderful if those people with illness could just see Jesus and be healed? I am confident it would spike attendance!   It did so in biblical times as Jesus gave people hope for healing and for a better way to live.  He clearly stated that he was here to preach and heal the people of God and cast out demons.

Today that same God who cast out demons and healed the sick still can do so. Instead of following Jesus in towns we know how to reach him through prayer.  The Jesus who preached in the synagogue and in the different towns still speaks to us today in the word of God in the gospels.