Parish Profile Committee

No lazy hazy crazy days of summer for your Parish Profile Committee

Over 170 of you responded to the Parish Profile Questionnaire this past summer and the Parish Profile Committee has now completed its review of each questionnaire. The results will now inform the Profile of Church of Our Saviour and ultimately will be given to those seeking to be our next rector.

According to Paul Kilian, Parish Profile committee chair, “We have obtained a rich bank of data describing, in our parishioners' own words, who we believe the Church of Our Saviour is at this particular point and time in our long and fascinating history.”

Paul further explained, “Each of the questions has been distilled down to its most compelling elements and is being formatted in such a way as to be clearly and helpfully informative to the potential rector candidates, who will be reviewing them. By early November, these results will be available to the congregation to study as well. The many and varied responses to the seven narrative questions give us a refreshingly honest perspective on the life of our church – who we believe we are, and where we think we would like to go from here. In addition, the Parish Profile Committee is finishing the other parts of the Profile having to do with church finances, history, ministries, and facilities.”

The goal of the Parish Profile committee is to submit its findings and recommendations to the Vestry by the end of this coming November. And following a beautiful and busy Advent/Christmas season, the Vestry will be ready to develop and authorize a Rector Search Team to begin the search.

This is an exciting time in the history of Church of Our Saviour and judging by the information recently collected from the congregation, the upcoming search will be vibrant.