Parish Profile Committee Update

Very soon the work of the Parish Profile Committee will be completed. Currently, the committee is in the process of gathering photographs and proofreading and checking the statistical data gathered over the past few months. It will then be sent to The Vestry for approval.

On Sunday, November 11 at the 9am Forum, the Parish Profile Committee will make its report to the Congregation. Each committee member will explain his/her individual portion of the process and provide a brief overview of their findings. Members of the committee are eager to share their findings with the congregation.

Recently, Paul Kilian, Parish Profile Committee Chair, shared some interesting information regarding the survey results, “The responses to the Congregational Survey yielded a range of opinions although, given our ancient and recent histories, there were few great surprises. For example, among our most recognized strengths are the traditional service with all its components, our beautiful buildings and grounds, the music, and our inclusive atmosphere.”

According to survey responses, areas in which a majority of members see the need for improvement include:

·         Growing the membership, encouraging more young families to join us.

·         Creating stronger connections between the English and Mandarin speaking communities.

·         Holding more educational, spiritual, and social programs.

·         Supporting greater community outreach events.


Paul further explained, “The survey revealed that finances and growth are seen as our major challenges. And, according to the survey responses, we would like to become more family and youth oriented, a mecca or gathering place for people of all faiths.”

As has already been said, this is an exciting time in the history of Church of Our Saviour. Your input and thoughtful communication on the survey will guide and inform our beloved Church’s “next steps.”   It is hoped that the congregation will turn out for the Parish Profile report at the Forum on November 11.