From the Sr. Warden

The vestry is excited to announce that Rex Botengan has been appointed to fill the vacancy position resulting from Charlie Perry resigning his position. Rex brings a great deal of knowledge to the vestry, as past Director of Our Saviour Center, a long time parishioner and an individual of great faith. Rex’s tenure will run through 2021.

The vestry also approved the process by which members of the search committee for the new rector would be selected. Potential members will self-nominate, similar to membership on the Parish Profile Committee. The committee will range in size from 5-8 members. The nomination form can be found in this addition of The Messenger.

In preparation for calling a new rector and doing necessary repairs to the Rectory, the vestry approved a $125,000 line of credit from our endowment. The rectory has had minimal maintenance done over the past several years. The repairs are necessary to make the house livable for a future rector.

The vestry also approved a Capital/Building Improvement Fund and campaign that will kick off in January 2019. Our campus is beautiful and it is one of our assets. However, maintenance and safety concerns around our campus have been neglected. This fund will ensure the beauty and safety of our campus our maintained. More to come on this topic.

The vestry in conjunction with the Parish Profile committee are working to complete our parish’s profile. It is hoped the document will be given to the vestry around Thanksgiving.

If you have any questions about the works of the vestry, you may contact any vestry member. Please keep the vestry in your prayers.

Juli Kennedy