Parish Profile Update

 This past Sunday, at the Forum, Paul Kilian, Parish Profile Committee Chair, explained the work of the committee thus far and then introduced the committee members who shared their experiences and areas of focus.

Parishioners returned 170 of Parish Profile questionnaires. Page one requested statistical data from each respondent. That data is still being formatted and reviewed. Each Profile committee member was assigned a narrative question to review and analyze and their findings were shared with the congregation.

Next, the data collected by Profile committee members will be formatted and woven together to tell the story of the Church of Our Saviour and will be available for the Vestry to provide to prospective rector candidates. The information will also be shared with all congregants who wish to delve deeper into what was learned in this process. The responses will help inform the rector search process.

Curious about what was learned from the questionnaire? Well, most of us want to see the congregation grow – we want to see a vibrant campus with people of all ages sharing their spiritual journey. We want our music program to continue and flourish. We want to see the Sunday School program reinvigorated. We want to see greater interaction between the Mandarin and English speaking members, and much more. Stay tuned for greater detail – it is coming soon. And thank you for your support and interest in this process.