The Rector Search Committee

On Tuesday December 4 at the monthly Vestry meeting, the vestry selected the parishioners to be members of the Search Committee.

The search committee will be made up of six individuals: Sharon Crandall, Dennis Duling, Katherine Feng, Eric Miller, Kit Shenk and Kari Stewart.  The Vestry also appointed Dennis Duling as the Chair of this Committee.

The vestry thanks all individuals that submitted their names for consideration.

The Search Committee will be commissioned during morning worship  on Dec. 16. That same morning, the congregation will have a chance to thank the Parish Profile Committee for their work, as we decommission the Parish Profile Committee. Members of the Parish Profile Committee included: Paul Kilian-Chair : Joshua Alvarenga, Meredith Brucker, Nancy Duling, Katherine Feng, Eric Miller, Maureen Sprunger and Charlotte Van Fleet. The Parish Profile Committee will  "pass the baton” to the Search Committee.

The Parish Profile will be available for distribution after it has been approved by the Vestry and the Diocese.