Convention Recap

The Theme for this year’s convention held on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in Ontario was “Come Home-EDLA (Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles). The delegates for the Church of Our Saviour included: (Clergy) Rev. Bob Honeychurch. Rev. Marilyn Omernick, Rev. Thomas Ni, Rev. Gary Bradley and Rev. Peg Bradley and (Lay) Jonathan Burke, Juli Kennedy, Katherine Feng, Eric Miller (Friday) and Kevin Vine (Saturday). Kevin may have been one of the youngest delegates.

This year Friday began with several breakout sessions which highlighted several dioceses programs. Delegates could choose two sessions to attend.

The convention consisted of several prayers services, each with a different focus. This year the focus for worship included, Black Lives Matter, Sacred Resistance and #Metoo.

This year electronic voting was initiated. No more #2 pencils, scan-tron sheets and green, red and yellow voting cards, for those that may remember previous methods of voting. The LA Dioceses has come into the 21st Century. Voting results were populated within a few minutes.

One of the first acts of convention was a vote to formally admit St. James’ Church in Newport Beach as a mission congregation of the diocese. The convention also renewed the diocesan companion relationship with the Diocese of Jerusalem, as well as accompanying “our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land” for another three years and reaffirming the work of the diocesan Sacred Resistance Task Force. Our own Gabe Vazquez-Reyes gave a presentation on the Program Group on Youth and Young Adult Ministry, calling all parishes to get in touch with him about programs for youth and families.

The dioceses budget was presented, focusing on the work of Mission Share. (The portion that each congregation offers to the diocese). This year the budget was presented in a narrative form.

Closing Eucharist on Saturday featured a diocesan choir, which I was honored to be a part of under the direction of David Milligan. Brother Dennis Gibbs and Sister Greta Ronningen offered prayers for healing and anointing during the Eucharist to anyone wishing prayer.

See for more details about resolutions and voting results, as well as the Bishop’s remarks.