A Word from the Interim Rector

Greetings everyone!  Please allow me to introduce myself electronically to you all. My name is Bob Honeychurch, and I began as your new Interim Rector this past Monday. It is a real joy for me to walk alongside the Church of Our Saviour community during this time of transition between rectors. In my short time with you so far, I have found you all to be a wonderful group of faithful, passionate, and committed Christians who gather in this beautiful place as God’s holy people.  It will be a real joy to see what God has in store for us these coming months as we go through the thoughtful and intentional process of determining the kind of community God is calling us to become, and then discerning the person God is calling to join with this community as your next rector.

Please introduce yourselves to me regularly – and often – as I get to know you all. If you have a parish name tag, please wear it as one more tool to help me to get to know you. And if you don’t have a name tag, please sign up for one at the Welcome Table.

I look forward to meeting all of you in the days to come. Thanks be to God for our time together.

Blessings in abundance,